Sunday, July 20, 2008

Regeneration and Sunday Beauty

View from Montreux looking across Lake Geneva

Beautiful Korean Dance


Looking into the Library through a hole in the door? :)
This one is for you Jessica :)
hahaha :)
Friend from Russia

Laying in a field of flowers, so peaceful!

Love you all :)

Friday, July 11, 2008


Quick post - here's a few pictures!

The prairie field in between the Chalet and Canaan (staff house)

The well in the back of Canaan House

Crazy Storm at Regeneration in Montreux last night - looking out across Lake Geneva. A few minutes after I took the picture the mountains across the lake disappeared and it was as if we were on the shore of an ocean instead of a lake. The thunder and lightning was pretty amazing and it was raining so hard that everyone got completly drenched :)

Blessings and Joy - Hannah

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rainy Day, Happy Birthday

I know I promised to post often, but now that I am here it is hard to find the time and desire to do so! But I will try to give you pictures and updates at least once a week :)

Switzerland is so beautiful!

Yesterday we went into the city of Lausanne and walked around the crowded streets. They were filled with people and fresh fruit, vegetable, and flower stands. The people are so interesting here, anything goes! It really is quite an international city.
In my DTS we have one Canadian, three from Washington, two from Colorado, one from Tennessee, three from New Zealand, one from Australia, one from Hawaii, one from Russia, one from South Africa, one from Sweden, and one from South Korea. So as you can see, quite the cultural differences! Just a little side note, the New Zealanders are halarious.

These next two weeks the base is packed with almost two hundred people. We have teams visiting for Regeneration, a huge jazz/creative arts festival that 200,000 people come to each year in Montreux. The teams are hip-hop/jazz dance teams, performing arts, worship and ywam outreach teams. We'll be doing outreach at the festival until 11 each night, please pray for us :)

Here are some pictures for now, feel free to ask me any questions and I will answer them in my next post.

P.S. The bake sale was amazing!!!! For all who helped and supported me THANK YOU!!!
You have blessed me tremendously and I truely appreciate it!

Thanks to all who continue to pray as well, that is even more of a blessing :)

On the way to Epalinges.

The Beautiful Girls.


Taking a Picture.

View out the Skylight.

View out the window.
Outside Eating Area.
Me and my Australian Friend.
Snake Game.
The Gang.
Paddle Boats!!!


Lake Geneva.
The Chalet.


The city of Lausanne.